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Audio Service R 12 Li T 7


Charger included.

Affordable Prices As a purely online audiologist, we have low operating costs. We pass this advantage directly to you. Therefore our pricing is highly competitive. Enjoy superior hearing technology without breaking the bank.
Online Customization Your hearing experience is important to us. Our customization is carried out through a personal online consultation, allowing you to enjoy the best sound with your new hearing aids comfortably from your home.
Wide Product Selection Our collaboration with all leading manufacturers allows us to offer a high variety of products. Discover the largest selection of hearing aids that cater to all needs and preferences, and benefit from our objective expertise.
All hearing aids are supplied with a starter set. This includes batteries or a charging station/charger, external receiver and domes.

The most popular form factor now features Multi-Track Processing for better hearing in noise. This new technology improves hearing in the most complicated situations by analyzing and transmitting different sound signals separately. The reduced power consumption enables new charging possibilities - including a portable travel charger, while the R Li T 7 provides a built-in telecoil, ensuring better hearing in noise when loop systems are available.
HA families
R 4 Li T 7 R 6 Li T 7 R 8 Li T 7 R 12 Li T 7 R 16 Li T 7
Hearing comfort
image/svg+xml image/svg+xml image/svg+xml image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
Number of Channels
12 16 20
App compatible
Power supply
Li-ion battery Li-ion battery Li-ion battery Li-ion battery Li-ion battery
Energy lifespan
Up to 36 h* Up to 36 h* Up to 36 h* Up to 36 h* Up to 36 h*
situation detection
7 7 7 8 8
799,00 € 999,00 € 1.199,00 € 1.599,00 € 1.999,00 €
*The energy runtime depends on the amplification, the use of the connection options, the age of the battery and the listening environment.