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Audio Service

Precise understanding and natural sound: hearing quality is quality of life. Our products, services and offerings therefore have just one goal: to make your customers happier. We firmly believe that this is the best way to retain customers in the long term. That's why we focus on the highest service quality to support you and your company as individually as possible.

The smart choice for better hearing in noise

Hearing in noise is the most common issue facing hearing aid users today. The new G7 technology delivers a paradigm-shift in audio processing that drastically improves this. Using Multi-Track Processing, G7 separates target speech and environmental sounds to process them separately. This remarkable new approach to processing sound results in both better speech understanding and environmental awareness. Today most hearing aids process sound as one input and one output – resulting in trade-offs when balancing sound quality with speech intelligibility and environmental awareness. With Multi-Track Processing, nothing important is sacrificed. By intelligently separating target sounds, such as speech, and environmental noise, G7 hearing aids are able to process each track individually before the user hears anything. This results in better speech understanding and environmental awareness.

Stiline G6

Audio Service has equipped the innovative Slim-RIC Stiline with Motion Sensor technology. It recognises over 120 different listening situations and automatically adjusts to them. This gives the wearer the best possible listening experience. With style and the slim housing, the Stiline G6 disappears behind the ear. Optimally adapted for wearers of glasses.

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